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amateur and professional athletes.
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2009 Summer Season on Cape Cod!
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Terms of Service

Athlete's Companion charges are based on the type and intensity of the activity and is subject to change without notice.  As a general guideline, we charge $50/hr for aerobic workouts and $75/hr for hard strength/speed workouts but will tailor pricing to your abilities and needs.  Call or e-mail us for specifics regarding your needs.  Group rates are available beginning at $40/hr/person.  Gear pickup and return, training services, professional arrangements and additional travel are billable at $20/hr.  Rentals, repairs, food, water, and other miscellaneous expenses will be directly billed at 100%.  Call us for a quote for your special event - wedding proposals, birthday parties, race day buddies, day tours, weekend getaways, or a full week's worth of workouts.

A deposit of at least 50% of the estimated fee is due one week prior to the scheduled outing in order to guarantee a reservation and a guide.  The balance must be paid at the start of the session unless prior arrangements have been made.  Cancellations will be returned at 100% of the deposit less a $10 processing fee and any expenses already incurred.  Cash, check, MasterCard and Visa payments accepted.

Equipment Arrangements
Athlete's Companion is happy to arrange for gear rentals and facilities as needed.  All expenses related to equipment and facilities usage will be billed directly to you and will be included in your initial quote.

While we're all pretty hardcore athletes, sometimes the weather on Cape Cod can make an outing a hazardous affair.  We will never endanger our customers or our guides.  We'll make every effort to hold your workout as scheduled but in the event that conditions dictate otherwise, we will reschedule or refund your deposit.  The final decision regarding cancellation of a session will be made by Athlete's Companion staff.

Limit of Liability
Athlete's Companion will make all necessary arrangements to ensure the safety and well-being of all customers and guides.  The sports we do are physically demanding and can be hazardous if you are not sufficiently fit or have a pre-existing condition.  Failure to disclose former or existing injuries, physical or mental problems may result in the cancellation of your session at any time without refund.  Customers are responsible for medical attention, emergency or otherwise, for any and all injuries which may occur during a workout.  All participants should have sufficient health insurance in effect to cover any and all injury expense and Athlete's Companion can not be held liable in the event of an injury sustained during a workout.  All prospective customers must complete a Release Form (see below) before commencing a workout with Athlete's Companion staff.

Environmental Concerns
Our guides are stewards of the trails, woods, roads, beaches and waterways that we all trek through and are responsible for making sure that areas that we use see little or no impact from our visits.  Please treat all natural areas with the respect that they deserve and be considerate of private property and other enthusiasts.  Failure to comply with the instructions of your guide may result in the cancellation of your session at any time without refund.

Release Form
While we never expect injuries, accidents can and do occur.  All prospective customers must fill out and complete a release form and a basic questionnaire prior to participating in an Athlete's Companion led session.  Release forms may be obtained from your guide or you can download them from the Forms page.

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