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Providing guides and escorts for
amateur and professional athletes.
Now Accepting Reservations for the
2009 Summer Season on Cape Cod!
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What services does the Athlete's Companion provide?
Guides and escorts for recreational sports from easy, conversational paces up through severely intense workouts geared towards professionals and age group competitors.
Tips, pointers, and techniques for improving your performance.
Gear pickup, rental arrangements and return.
Training plans - we'll help design one just for you, work within a plan that you already have setup, or skip the plans all together and just have fun.
Commentary on the history, flora and fauna of the area.
Recommendations for local personal trainers, chiropractors, sports doctors, and therapists.  We'll help arrange appointments with personal trainers and massage therapists as desired.

  What sports does the Athlete's Companion provide guides for?
Running: long runs, intervals, tempo runs, track workouts, trail runs, group runs, local races.
Cycling: long rides, group rides, tours, mountain biking.
Swimming: open water swimming buddies, local watering holes, gyms.
Kayaking/canoeing: guided explorations, aerobic workouts.
Tennis: hard games or a few easy sets.
Triathlon: transition training, brick workouts.
Guided hiking: popular hikes, uncommon destinations, geocaching. 

  How does the Athlete's Companion charge for services?
Typical packages run $50/hr for individual aerobic workouts up to $90/hr for intense workouts.
Group rates are available starting at $40/hr/person.
Training services, gear pickup and return, and facility and professional arrangements are available starting at $20/hr.
Pickup and drop-off is available at all locations across Cape Cod for $15/hr.
Call us for a quote for your special event or occasion: wedding proposals, birthday parties, race day buddies, full day tours, weekend getaways, or a full week's worth of workouts.
A deposit of 50% of the total estimated charges is due at booking in order to reserve your date and guide.  The balance is due at the start of the session unless prior arrangements have been made.  Cancellations are subject to a $10 processing fee and any expenses already incurred.

  What geographic areas does The Athlete's Companion cover?
We currently service Cape Cod and the immediate environs.
The Athlete's Companion sponsors training retreats for select customers in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and in Nickerson State Park in Brewster.  Contact us for more information.
We are always looking to expand.  If you'd like to become a guide or would like to start a branch of The Athlete's Companion in your area of the world, let us know.

  What are the qualifications of your guides?
Most of our guides have lived on Cape Cod for much of their lives and have grown accustomed to exploring the backroads, backwoods, and lost trails.
All of our guides are certified in CPR and first aid and most carry coaching certifications in their chosen sports.
Our guides are typically strong competitors in their age groups and have also been recognized nationally for their accomplishments.

  Will The Athlete's Companion provide transportation?
For services on Cape Cod, we will provide pickup and drop-off at whatever locations you desire for a small gas fee of $15/hr billable in 15 minute increments.

  How do I learn more?
Contact us for a flyer by calling +1.508.896.3808 (toll-free: +1.800.590.0226), e-mailing us at info@athletescompanion.com, or sending a letter to Athlete's Companion, 22 S. Pond Drive, Brewster, MA  02631.
Talk to our guides.
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